Although mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines used by mankind, it was not until the European Industrial Revolution of the 1700s that mechanical engineering became a formal area of study and practical application. This engineering discipline involves the use of scientific principles to create tools and equipment made from adequate materials. Today, mechanical engineering impacts nearly every industry that requires physical infrastructure, and the age old engineering practice keeps pace with the times by incorporating the latest technological advances into its standard processes. The skill set associated with mechanical engineering is portable across continents and presents special opportunities for those pursuing careers in mechanical engineering. 



ACPractical Fundamentals of Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC)
BIPractical Boiler Control and Instrumentation for Engineers and Technicians
BLPractical Boiler Plant Operation and Management for Engineers and Technicians
CCTroubleshooting and Best Practice with Conveyers and Chutes
CMPractical Pumps and Compressors: Control, Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
COPractical Process Compressors
CRPractical Clean room Technology and Facilities for Engineers and Technicians
CXPractical Conveyor, Chute and Feeder Design
GTGas Turbines: Fundamentals, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
HDPractical Hydraulic Systems: Operation and Troubleshooting
HSRigid and Flexible Hose Connections
HYPractical Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems: Operation and Troubleshooting
LBPractical Lubrication Engineering for Engineers and Technicians
LFPractical Safe Lifting Practice and Maintenance
MDPractical Mechanical Drives (Belts, Chains and Gears)
MEFundamentals of Mechanical Engineering
MMPractical Balancing, Aligning and Condition Monitoring of Rotating Equipment
MWMechanical Design Concepts for Non-Mechanical Engineers
MYPractical Corrosion, Metallurgy and Prevention of Failures
OOOnshore and Offshore Pipeline Systems
PAPipeline Systems – Design, Construction, Maintenance and Asset Management
PKAPI Program – Body of Knowledge Foundation
PNPractical Pneumatics: Operation and Troubleshooting
PPPumps: Design, Operation, Maintenance for Centrifugal and/or Positive Displacement Pumps
PTFundamentals of Process Plant Layout and Piping Design
PUPerformance Monitoring of Pumps and Compressors
RARoot Cause Failure Analysis
SAFundamentals of Pipe Stress Analysis with introduction to CAESAR II
SFPractical Machinery and Automation Safety for Industry
SHPractical Shutdown & Turnaround Management for Engineers and Managers
SRPractical Mechanical Seals & Sealing with Rotary, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Seal Types plus Gaskets
SVSafety Relief Valves - Inspection, Operation and Troubleshooting
TYReliability Centered Maintenance
VBPractical Machinery Vibration Analysis and Predictive Maintenance