Electronics Engineering, is an engineering discipline in which electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and transformers are utilized to design electronic circuits. Electronics engineers are often employed by engineering firms and are responsible for research, design, and test electronic circuits used in equipment ranging from television sets and personal computers to military-grade aviation systems. Electronics engineers play a vital role in the development of new electronic technologies.



DSPractical Digital Signal Processing for Engineers and Technicians
EBPractical Embedded Controllers: Troubleshooting and Design
EIPractical Troubleshooting of Electronic Circuits for Engineers and Technicians
EMPractical EMC and EMI Control for Engineers and Technicians
EXPractical Earthing, Shielding, Electrical and Electronic Noise and Surge Reduction
IEPractical Industrial Electronics for Engineers and Technicians
PEPower Electronics and Switch Mode Power Supply
SGShielding, EMC/EMI, Noise Reduction, Earthing and Circuit Board Layout